The Little Deputy on Short of the Week

March 17, 2017

The Little Deputy streams free on Short of the Week, with a nice review.

Whitehorse "Boys Like You"

March 2, 2017

The music video I directed for Whitehorse’s new single “Boys Like You” is online now - check it out here.

Big thanks to producer Katrina Beatty, cinematographer Mike McLaughlin, editor Justin Lachance, and our terrific crew!

Short Films in Focus: "The Little Deputy" | Balder and Dash | Roger Ebert

November 28, 2016

The Little Deputy is now free online worldwide: It was a big deal to me when Roger Ebert reviewed my film The High Level Bridge as part of the Sundance Shorts program (“better, minute for minute, than most of the features at your multiplex”), so it feels like an extra-special privilege that The Little Deputy should come to the end of its long and dusty road with this feature on

Gimme Some Truth!

October 25, 2016

The Gimme Some Truth Documentary Festival presents “Fantastic Realities - The Documentary Films of Trevor Anderson” in Winnipeg on Friday, November 4, 2016, at 9 p.m.

Curator Alex Rogalski writes:

“Through a decade of short films and his band The Wet Secrets, Trevor Anderson has become an artistic ambassador for his hometown of Edmonton (self-proclaimed City of Champions. Or Dirt City. You decide.) His multi-faceted hybrid documentary work connects gay identity to specific geographies eschewing queer video tropes for tongue-in-cheek monologues and cinematic references. Throughout this program, Trevor’s mellifluous narration lures viewers into personal narratives fusing memories of youth with some of Edmonton’s most iconic structures (West Edmonton Mall, High Level Bridge, Fort Edmonton). Considering Trevor’s success in screening his work at the world’s most prestigious festivals (Sundance, Berlinale, Hot Docs, TIFF, SXSW to name but a few), it’s all the more impressive that he has continued to hone his craft and voice in the short film form, with his longest work being only 25 minutes. With humour and an irreverence for documentary form he accomplishes what short films do best, taking creative risks and steering clear of the expectations that feature films behold. Aesthetically, each of these works fits precisely with the content it delivers, whether it be recorded on a cell phone, blending animation, musical numbers, or high production values of a western genre. Truth and memory form the basis of documentary evidence, yet both prove unreliable under scrutiny. Rather than attempt to reinforce their fragile nature with an austere tone, Anderson joyfully bends them to his creative needs, exposing the possibilities of documentary form set free from contrived conventions.”

Pleasure Dome presents...

April 26, 2016

Pleasure Dome presents the first Canadian retrospective of my short films on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at Buddies in Bad Times in Toronto, to be followed by a dance party? Maybe? If people feel like it? The event is co-sponsored by Inside Out. 8pm, tix $8 at the door.

For more details, visit the Pleasure Dome event page.

The next night, May 4, The Wet Secrets play Mod Club with Royal Canoe.

New Video - "I Can Swing a Hammer" - The Wet Secrets

February 15, 2016

Click here to watch.

“I Can Swing a Hammer” is a song about gettin’ shit done, so we made the video in that spirit. Sharp-shooter Jared Raab and I shot guerrilla-style on location at Golden West Music Fest, a grassroots bacchanalia mounted by a clatch of handy wizards on our pal Bowman’s farm – he’s the Viking with the long blond hair shaking his stuff in front of the unlit bonfire at the start of the video. Lead singer Lyle Bell built that hat hut with an actual hammer – the song is also about the virtuous futility of labor, so we got a lot of joy outta burning it to the ground.

Director: Trevor Anderson; Cinematographer: Jared Raab; Editor: Mathieu Martel Colorist: Charles Boileau, Post-Moderne; Shot on location at Golden West Music Fest, Ardmore, Alberta, July 31 - August 2, 2015

Video release date: February 11, 2016

“I Can Swing a Hammer” is the lead single off The Wet Secrets’ EP I Can Live Forever, released worldwide on Six Shooter Records, January 8, 2016.

iTunes USA & World

iTunes Canada

The Wet Secrets

The Little Deputy wins a Winnipeg Airport Award!

December 22, 2015

We could not be more thrilled to announce that The Little Deputy has won Best Personal Film in the coveted Winnipeg Airport Awards of 2015.

The jury, consisting solely of filmmaker Matthew Rankin, chose eleven short films to honour this year. Here is the full text of their announcement:

Pour le Jour le plus court, voici mes propres Palmarès pour les meilleurs court-métrages de l’année selon mes propres intérêts comme cinéaste-spectateur. Winnipeg Airport Awards 2015!!!

1.) Endless fascination 1: THE PRIDE OF STRATHMOOR (Einar Baldvin, Iceland-USA)

2.) Endless fascination 2: THE TOWER (Salomé Lamas, Portugal)

3.) Endless fascination 3: THE MASTER (Riho Unt, Estonia)

3.) Magnificent Subversion Award: JEAN-MARC VALLÉE (Annie St-Pierre, Québec)

4.) Best Personal Film: THE LITTLE DEPUTY (Trevor Anderson, Alberta)

5.) Best Celluloid Film: QUIET ZONE (Karl Lemieux & David Bryant, Québec)

6.) Best Making Of: BRING ME THE HEAD OF TIM HORTON (Evan M Johnson & Galen Johnson, Winnipeg)

7.) Best Utopian Film: THE GOLDEN CALF (Nina Paley, USA)

8.) Finest Achievement in Fun Formalism: SONAMBULO (Theo Ushev, Québec)

9.) Special Jury Prize for Ecstatic Hallucination: PALM ROT (Ryan Gillis, USA)

10.) Finest Achievement in Nordic Abstraction: Ex Aequo END OF SUMMER (Jóhann Jóhannsson, Iceland) & ISLE OF SEALS (Edmunds Jansons, Latvia)

The Little Deputy rides across Canada... twice!

December 15, 2015

We are patriotically proud to announce that The Little Deputy will tour the nation twice, first in Telefilm Canada’s short film celebration The Shortest Day on the winter solstice, then again in the new year in TIFF’s Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival.

The Shortest Day screenings take place December 18 - 21, 2015 in various cities across Canada.

Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival will screen in January and February, 2016, in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Calgary.

The Little Deputy at the American Film Institute's AFI FEST 2015

October 30, 2015

The American Film Institute’s AFI FEST means a lot to me. They plucked me out of Edmonton and plunked me on a Hollywood red carpet when they showed my short film Rock Pockets in 2007 - a mind-boggling experience that I made into my next short, Carpet Diem (2008). I’m super excited to announce that The Little Deputy will screen at the upcoming 2015 AFI FEST, Nov 5 - 12, in glamorous ol’ Hollywood, U.S.A.

The Little Deputy at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival

February 3, 2015

Our new short film The Little Deputy, written and directed by Trevor Anderson and produced by Blake McWilliam, had its festival premiere at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, Jan. 22 - Feb. 1, 2015, in Park City, Utah.

Here are six photo galleries of our adventures, by Fish Griwkowsky.

The Little Deputy at Sundance ‘15 - Gallery One: Arrival

The Little Deputy at Sundance ‘15 - Gallery Two: Premiere!

The Little Deputy at Sundance ‘15 - Gallery Three: circles + simulators

The Little Deputy at Sundance ‘15 - Gallery Four: queer eggs, Ham Tyler

The Little Deputy at Sundance ‘15 - Gallery Five: competing pictures

The Little Deputy at Sundance ‘15 - Gallery Six: Rewards

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