Soothsayer is a work-in-progress collaboration between Fish Griwkowsky and Trevor Anderson

The Little Deputy

2015 / 9 minutes

Trevor tries to have his photo taken with his father.

The Man That Got Away

2012 / 25 minutes

A musical documentary that tells the true life story of Trevor's great-uncle Jimmy in six original songs.

Figs in Motion

2010 / 8 minutes

Two men become six ballerinas and several horses in a bestial, impromptu corps de ballet.

The High Level Bridge

2010 / 5 minutes

Trevor drops his camera from Edmonton’s High Level Bridge in memory of those who’ve jumped.


2009 / 5 minutes

Trevor considers an early motivation to become an artist.

The Island

2009 / 6 minutes

Trevor considers, with the help of animation, a piece of fan mail he received.

Carpet Diem

2008 / 3 minutes

Trevor’s first-person travelogue from the outskirts of anxiety to the center of the known universe.


2008 / 13 minutes

A dissatisfied bar waiter in a men’s burlesque club is thrown back in time to relive a day from his childhood – in short-shorts.

Rock Pockets

2007 / 6 minutes

A sugar rush of sex, politics, and rock ‘n’ roll, as seen through the eyes of a ten-year-old boy at the fair.


2005 / 13 minutes

Some things hurt worse than they should.

Music Videos

Boys Like You

2017 / 4 minutes

"Boys like you, they live with their mothers forever."

I Can Swing a Hammer

2016 / 4 minutes

The Wet Secrets celebrate the virtuous futility of labor.


2014 / 5 minutes

"Photographs of me survive but no one will remember my name, or what they did with all my stuff."

Maybe We'll Make a Plan

2014 / 5 minutes

"I am gonna find a way that we both can live the dream."

Floating in the Sky

2014 / 7 minutes

"Bodies decay but our minds are still floating in the sky."

Get Your Own Apartment

2008 / 4 minutes